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Are you beginning to think that maybe your life right now is just too big for any of your dreams to come to fruition, that you want too much for what your personal world demands now? That maybe since your dreams are not happening it’s because it’s not in the divine cards? Or maybe you don’t know where to start, or don’t believe you can reach your dreams amyway, so why bother? Besides, there are so many “change your life” methods out there, where would you even begin?!  

If you’re like me, you long for a simple and sacred approach that takes what you most want at a soul level into account— AND one that heals the parts of you that, up until now, compromised your goals and dreams into restriction and limitation.  

Well, let me invite you to remember:  

Do not let anything deny yourself and the world the chance to see you lit up as the evidence of Spirit finding celebration through you and your dreams.  

The world needs you right now, and more importantly so do you. Fully expressed, fully living into your aliveness, glowing in your resilience, and following a spiritually-aligned action plan that leaves you completely confident claiming your most soulfully alive life.  

And you don’t have to go at it alone. 

My method, called the Self-Priority SoulMap Session, is the manifestation practice that helps you create a life you love and reset your compass to joy. I believe wholeheartedly in this practice, have been living it for 20 years, and can’t wait to share it with you!  

Maybe you have some idea of how to put yourself first, or maybe you’re not clear at all. I’m here to help you have crystal clarity, confidence about how to do it with soul and how to actually manifest your most meaningful dreams while simultaneously healing the wounds that have kept you from them.  

You too deserve your loving attention, and you don’t have to sit around sitting on the sidelines for one second longer!  

If it seems that life has been giving you crushing blows of responsibilities in business, family dynamics or love relationships, leaving you spent, stuck, and wondering when you'll ever have enough time and space to be, do, and have what you've been longing for, now is the perfect time to create the vibrant life that is possible for you!

If you're going to be the inspirational being who's living out your dreams and goals, your energy has to shift into alignment with this vision. It has to be alive with newness. Because nothing new comes from doing anything old. And if you're here on this page with me, you know it's time to align your energy, actions, attitude, and daily vibe with your dreams, and make your SELF a priority. It's time to reprogram yourself, work the muscle, and reshape your life to get plugged in to living your life the way people who are fulfilling their dreams do. And I'm here to help you do so.  

For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to providing women’s empowerment, personal development, spiritual practice and goal attaining trainings so that sharp, high-vibe women and their families can live their highest level of expression while creating a legacy with meaningful impact.  

If you’ve hit a plateau or if this current season you're living has you going through a transition in life that’s calling you into something bigger, 90 minutes with me will help you manifest the success, goal, and dream that is meant for you.  

Maybe you have some idea of what your calling is, or maybe you’re not clear at all. I’m here to help you have crystal clarity and confidence about your direction and how to actually pursue it with soul. I promise you, you have what it takes to stop living vicariously through others and step into a more resilient soulful life. And when you do, everyone benefits.  

This is an opportunity for driven and purposeful women to embrace what is rightfully yours: a soulfully fabulous life. This is your opportunity to wake up each day feeling clear, confident, and most importantly, excited to follow a spiritually aligned action plan that will turn your purpose into your daily reality.  

And once you do, endless possibilities await you!  

You deserve so much more than what you're giving yourself now. Gift yourself by kicking off an inside-out personal, professional, and spiritual transformation!

Normal price: $597

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2 hour Private 1-1 Intensive 

Give time and attention to what matters most. 

No more black-hole of question marks on your direction. Together we will take a soulful dive into your current reality, take a tally of what's working, what's off balance, what's seeking to emerge through you, and get your most important, meaningful, and soulful goals and dreams in place so you can begin taking inspiried action RIGHT AWAY. I'll be giving you the EXACT tools I used to manifest my biggest dreams with soul (and won awards for it, too!), while still being able to show up the way I've dreamed for my full-time job and family!

Soulful tools and practices that transform your unique and oldest limiting patterns.

Customized to set and keep sustainable and soulful milestones & signposts that put you first. 

A plane uses 90% of it's fuel at take-off, and in flight it is constantly course correcting. Our session will be customized to move beyond any fears, upper-limits, and belief patterns that show up for even the best of us when we're taking off into new territory. We'll explore essentials like mindset hacks, completing unfinished business, and healing self-communication practices those who are living their dream practice, and apply them to your course of action for more divine success and fulfillment.

Special Offer: $597 $297  

April Dodd is internationally recognized as the must-have Transformational Life Design Coach to motivated and soulful women... 

...who are ready to drop their excuses and live a life more powerfully driven by beautiful living than by dull mediocrity. April L. Dodd, M.A. is an internationally known transformational coach, best-selling author, speaker, and alchemist of soulful living. 

Women from all over the world have drawn inspiration, guidance, and potent spiritual direction to unleash their dream life with pleasure, power, and femininity from working with April. 

With an exceptional master’s in spiritual psychology, two best-selling books, and an unshakeable obsession with stalking the mystery between soulful spirituality and joyful pragmatism, April has been sharing her own generative processes for and extraordinary 18 years to motivated women who are coming out of the fog of a meaningful chapter of their lives, are ready to reclaim who they really are, and take massive, meaningful, and soulful action to rekindle that long lost dream.

Full of wisdom, unique spiritual strategies for everyday living, and step-by-step processes to creating an extraordinary life, April’s straightforward and loving approach primes her clients to be the evidence of Spirit finding celebration through them.

"My passion is to help soulfully driven women wake up to what's possible, to light a fire under those dreams unapologetically!" ~ April Dodd, M.A. 

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Coaching takes place via Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or Facetime. 

Before our call you will be receiving a questionnaire, which is powerful for two reasons. One, it’ll give you that much needed time of soulful reflection, and will be giving you heaps of awarenesses, breakthroughs, a-ha moments, direction on opportunities, and it’s going to give us a real snapshot where you are blocked and where you are heading. More importantly, you’ll send it back to me, I am going to spend time before our call reviewing your answers, and putting together a bit of a divinely guided plan (soul map) personalized for you and what you are trying to achieve.  

Then during our 2 hour intensive, we will review the plan together, infuse it with divine support and alignment, while simultaneously identifying the exact soul wounds that are keeping you in limiting patterns. We will turn those into your greatest allies, and have you walk away with clarity, confidence, and a soulmap for you to be able to take inspired and actionable next steps that honors and manifests your deepest soul desires and inner wisdom, while simultaneously healing the wounds that have kept you from them.  

I will lead you through processes on how to create your own soul map, a 4 step process to heal the deepest wounds that hold you back, and how to take the very next most meaningful next steps toward making you a priority in your own life.  

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"April L. Dodd is a gifted soul, an amazing speaker and spirit-led teacher." 

She helps you go within to discover the patterns that are holding you back from realizing your greatest self…. and greatest life. Listen as she guides you, through her teaching, on a journey home… to your heart. Your life will never be the same."

~Sunny Dawn Johnston, Internationally renowned psychic medium, teacher, author, and motivational speaker

"April is an incredibly gifted and intuitive coach."

 "She taught me a 5-step tool for self-forgiveness that helped me conquer the things that kept triggering me in both life and business. I've begun to associate new beliefs with those reference points in my life, and I have been so much more productive as a result." 

~Kathy Haan, International Success & Business Mentor

"April’s work is powerful!"

 She guides you through deep processing in a neutral and supportive way, allowing for your own personal discoveries to come to light, and prosper. I highly recommend April, she’s truly one of earth’s angels."

~Camilla Carboni, Brand Messaging Coach & Copywriter

"April is the real deal!"  

"She's exactly what you would expect from a transformational coach: kind, compassionate, yet fiercely honest. She can see past your words and into your heart. In working with her, I gained clarity on childhood blocks that were getting in the way of my success. Her intuition was spot on and I felt deeply healed by our conversations. I would highly recommend April to anyone who wants more than a bandaid effect on what's been holding them back. She's worth every penny!"

~ Courtney Christiana, Creator of Shine on Video, Visibity and Confidence Coach

"Whew! Today was a FANTASTIC day! 

Getting clear on who you are and what you're doing to get what...Thankful to have had the most amazing coach to guide us through it. I've been feeling like I was a millimeter off...and April Dodd did her mgic and lots came into instant focus. If you're looking to get to the next level of you - ready to go after your dreams and drop your excuses - I can't recommend her enough. Thank you, April for always being up for dreaming BIG!"

~ Alexis Ferguson, Independent Consultant

"In just twenty minutes of a coaching session my whole world was turned upside the very best of ways!"

 I walked away with awareness of the patterns and choices I was making that no longer served me, the opportunity to look at material that was presenting itself for healing, and optimism that I was on the right path! I have known April for over 10 years and have always known her to be wise, loving, and highly intuitive. As a coach, with her thoughtful questions, gentle reflections, insightful observation, authentic sharing, and partnership with Spirit, I am awed by her skill. April is an amazing healer who has answered Spirit’s highest calling. If you have the opportunity to connect with her, DO!"

~ Torrey Chacon, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

"April is such a true joy to work with!"

I am so blessed to have been able to work with April in both individual and group life coaching sessions. She helped me to stop searching and getting stuck so much in asking why but rather helping me to see what I can do to move forward to where I wanted to be. She shared great tools and practices that she lives on a daily basis and inspires me still to this day to go after the life that you want to live. Can't recommend her enough!"

~Meg Erskine, President/CEO of Austin's Multicultural Refugee Coalition/Open Arms

"Inspiring, authentic leader... April is at the top of her game!."

~ Avesha Michael, Soulful Ceramic Artist

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