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If you know that you usually get wrapped up in the problems of the day and you want to start your day in a simple but beautifully spiritual way, secure your spot in my Sacred Start Checklist Challenge: Wake up your Soul and Check Back into your Life!  

Join me for 5 consecutive 40-minute live calls with soulful strategies, tips, and divine guidance you can apply instantly.

I'll walk you through the simple, quick, and fun fundamentals of turning your stressful-take-care-of-everyone-else-hit-the-ground-running mornings into the sacred breath of fresh air you've been craving...

 ...while still leaving time for that soulful cup of coffee and the clear headspace so you can meet the demands of the day AND have energy for your OWN passions with grace, clarity, and inspiration.  

This Challenge is for you if you want to:

  • Stop waking up hitting the ground running
  • Begin your day by anchoring your intentions 
  • Create a new sacred normal that's easy 
  • Claim time for you before giving so much to others 
  • Have expert guidance back to your sacred self  
  • No more collapsing into bed at night having checked all the boxes, except the one for your own self-care and longheld dreams.  

Look, we both know your light has dimmed by giving so much to others. 

It’s time for you now, and you know it (so does that ticking clock).  

In short, here's what you'll get:

  • 5 daily live 40-minute recorded calls to teach you my exact sacred morning starts that will keep you centered, balanced, and on purpose throughout the ONLY MINUTES!
  • My exclusive Sacred Start Checklist, with step by step emails and details to help you create and sustain your own Sacred Start.
  • Q&A with expert guidance with Best-Selling author, and Transformational Life Design Coach, April L. Dodd, M.A. and 20 years of spiritual psychology and spiritual teacher experience.
  • Daily accountability to keep you on track!
  • And a bonus audio meditation from my Best-Selling "111 Morning Meditations" to anchor your morning in 1 minute!
I'm so Ready!

Tea + 5 minutes with the Sacred Start Checklist by your side + 5 days of accountability = soulful centeredness you can wake up to and take with you into all your daily demands.

Maybe you thought about meditating for years.

Or maybe you've been doing a morning sun salutation for years.

Either way, this is more than that. The Sacred Start Checklist will walk you through what you MOST need to feel truly grounded and energized to live out your day with a refreshing new normal.

You'll get up to your Sacred Start feeling 100% more: 

  • Refreshed.
  • Connected to your Spirit.
  • Focused from the inside to handle the day's demands with more grace, poise, and intention.

Sacred Results

"April is an incredibly gifted and intuitive coach. She taught me a 5-step tool for self-forgiveness that helped me conquer the things that kept triggering me in both life and business. I've begun to associate new beliefs with those reference points in my life, and I have been so much more productive as a result."

~Kathy Haan, International Success & Business Mentor

"April’s work is powerful. She guides you through deep processing in a neutral and supportive way, allowing for your own personal discoveries to come to light, and prosper. I highly recommend April, she’s truly one of earth’s angels."

~ Camilla Carboni, Brand Messaging Coach & Copywriter

April L. Dodd is a gifted soul, an amazing speaker and spirit-led teacher. She helps you go within to discover the patterns that are holding you back from realizing your greatest self…. and greatest life. Listen as she guides you, through her teaching, on a journey home… to your heart. Your life will never be the same. – Sunny Dawn Johnston  

~ Torrey Chacon, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

"Whew! Today was a FANTASTIC day! Getting clear on who you are and what you're doing to get what you want takes all the focus you can muster. Thankful to have had the most amazing coach to guide us through it. I've been feeling like I was a millimeter off...and April Dodd did her thing and lots came into instant focus. If you're looking to get to the next level of you - ready to go after your dreams and drop your excuses - I can't recommend her enough. Thank you, April for always being up for dreaming BIG!"

~ Alexis Ferguson, Independent Consultant

April L. Dodd, M.A. is an internationally known transformational life design coach, best-selling author, speaker, and alchemist of soulful living. Women from all over the world have drawn inspiration, guidance, and potent spiritual direction to unleash their dream life with pleasure, power, and femininity from working with April Dodd. With an exceptional master’s in spiritual psychology, two best-selling books, and an unshakeable obsession with stalking the mystery between soulful spirituality and joyful pragmatism, April has been sharing her own generative processes for and extraordinary 17 years to motivated women who are coming out of the fog of a meaningful chapter of their lives, are ready to drop their excuses, and want to live a life driven more powerfully by beautiful living, than by dull mediocrity. Full of wisdom, unique spiritual strategies for everyday living, and step-by-step processes to creating an extraordinary life, April’s straightforward and loving approach dares her clients to be the evidence of Spirit finding celebration through them.  

MY FRIEND, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Isn't it time to create a new normal your soul can celebrate before you nurture everyone else for the day? 

Yes, it's time for ME!