Got a Vision? Let's make it happen.

Are you ready to give yourself the kind of expert attention and focus your vision board dreams deserve to:

  • Fast Track out of where you're stuck
  • Have accountability to create high-vibe results quick
  • Transform your mediocre story into maximum wow
  • Say goodbye to just getting by

Activate: Private Vision Board Coaching 

How much would it be worth to you to have a plan of action for your Vision Board, an extra pair of eyes for perspective or blind spots, and a little bit of hand holding and accountability to create big results in your dreams? With the power of private coaching, specific guidance, and personalized support, we hone in on your most important goal to manifest in 28 days. 

Only for those who are ready to take action. (No dabbling or babbling!) Includes:

* Pre-session Survey to determine customized next steps

*Three Soulful 1 Hr Personal Attenton Sessions  

*Full Vision Board Review, Feedback, & Customized Plan

* Personalized Action Steps, tools, tips and my most powerful breakthrough tools and worksheets to release current limitations, keep you on a high vibe course, and elevate your results

*Weekly Accountability Check-ins

* Direct access to April via text, emails, and calls for added support & accountability

*Must be completed by May 28

Laser Coaching Session

1 Hr Private Laser Coaching Session to Review, Re-align, Re-activate, includes:

*Pre-session survey to determine customized next-steps worksheet

*Full Vision Board Review & Feedback

*Straight-shootin' advice to avoid key manifestation mistakes

*Discover the unlocking moves to Re-Align for refreshing & meaningful results

*Walk away Re-Activated with high vibe passion & focus

*Session must be completed by May 28

April's Philosophy

I believe we get what we focus on. I believe we focus on what we believe will bring us our aliveness. And I believe that the qualitiy of our aliveness is in direct proportion to the quality of what we are attached to.

Therefore, I do not believe in supporting anyone's attachment to limitations. Especially the patterns of limitation we have attached ourselves to through conditioning and life experiences. I believe that our time together, then, is sacred. It is an opportunity to get to work on manifesting all that's possible for you in this life, in your relationships, and in your biggest life dreams.

I'm taking a stand for you, because it's time to set a higher standard for our most soulful selves. In our coaching time together, you'll be guided to evolve as a being of possibilities, allowing what's seeking to emerge through you to do so with grace, ease, and absolute joy so you can come home to your essential YOU.

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